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The Forsyth Institute was created a century ago to support the health of the local Boston community. Its original focus on providing dental care for under-served children in the area has evolved and grown over the decades. Today, the scope of Forsyth’s work goes beyond borders, and serves all ages and kinds of people. Our scientists and researchers spend their days unlocking the relationships between the mouth and myriad conditions that afflict millions of people all over the world, from heart disease to diabetes, to the treatment of the world’s most persistent infectious. Forsyth is also among the leaders striving to understand the connections between human wellness and the multitude of bacteria that live within us.

As an independent research institute, Forsyth occupies a unique place in the ecosystem of those studying health, wellness, disease and cures. While we work closely with our colleagues in both academic institutions and industry, we form the “third leg” which makes for a stable and usable platform. With funding that comes from philanthropists, interested organizations and the government, Forsyth is charged with providing new answers to many of the world’s most vexing health issues.

In the coming months and years, Forsyth will contribute to the understanding of enormously important health issues. From clues found in saliva that may help prevent disease and improve the quality of life for patients with a range of serious and costly health conditions, to understanding the major role inflammation plays in overall health and, in particular, in diseases of aging, research at Forsyth is focused on a new class of inflammation-resolving compounds that not only terminate acute inflammation, but also help regenerate tissues, fight bone loss, and slow the progression of heart disease. And these are just the tip of our research “iceberg”.

We believe that our independent research model represents some of the best examples of how institutions like Forsyth can play a crucial role in advancing knowledge of the many and crucial connections between oral health and overall health - benefiting not only those in its original charter, but people around the globe. The important place in the scientific research community held by independent research institutions is one that should be respected, nurtured and supported and this blog will be a source of both information on all kinds of important issues and proof of the value of each leg of the research stool.

By Phil Stashenko, Senior Member of Staff and President Emeritus

Monday, April 25, 2016
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