Community Outreach

At the Forsyth Institute, we understand the value of healthy communities. In fact we were founded on the principle that all children should have good oral health—regardless of their ability to pay.

Advancing the Greater Good

Our service in the field produces a lot more than just pretty smiles. Together with our pioneering research, our community work has led to scientific breakthroughs and contributes to our overarching mission of advancing human health around the world.

A History of Community Service

In 1910, Forsyth was founded on a bold ambition: to provide dental care for every disadvantaged child in Boston. Between 1914 and the mid-1950s, an estimated half-million children received their dental care at Forsyth—and the city still enjoys the healthy smiles of thousands of full-grown “ForsythKids”.  Although the Forsyth shifted its emphasis to research and disease prevention in the 1950s, the Institute maintains its strong commitment to serving the community at large.

Today, Forsyth runs a public health initiative locally with the ForsythKids School-Based Oral Health program, which brings preventive dental care directly to children in need. Forsyth also has an international footprint, through a more than 25-year partnership with the Kuwaiti Government, which enables dental screenings, prevention and oral health education for more than 225,000 school children.

The Forsyth Educational Outreach Program embodies both the historical and current mission of the Institute, by providing high school students with a true hands-on introduction to working in a research laboratory.