Invention Disclosure and Review Process

1. Disclosure:  The Forsyth inventor(s) submit an Invention Disclosure Form to the Office of Technology Development, so that a formal written record of the invention exists separate from lab notebooks/internal lab documentation.

2. Evaluation:  The Technology Development Manager will meet with the inventor(s) to discuss the invention and make a preliminary evaluation of the technology in the following categories:

A. Novelty and benefit over existing technologies;
B. Development status;
C. Intellectual property status (including prior art);
D. Potential applications and possible corresponding markets; and
E. Competitors and competing products.

2a. A formal written technology evaluation will be prepared by the Technology Development Manager and presented to the Patent Committee for its review and discussion at the next quarterly meeting. One of the following decisions will be made by the Committee member:

A. File a provisional patent/PCT application;
B. Return to inventor(s) and ask for further clarification/development of technology before next Patent Committee meeting;
C. Recommend further research be conducted to generate supporting data; or
D. Decline any commercialization efforts (offer to assign to inventor(s) to pursue individually in accordance with Forsyth’s Intellectual Property and Copyrightable Works Policy).

3. Patent Application: It is desirable to have a potential licensee before committing to patent filing, though it is a not a requirement for filing. The filing and prosecution of patent applications is done by outside patent counsel who will work closely with the inventor(s) and the Office of Technology Development to establish protection for the disclosed IP.

4. Marketing and License Negotiation:  The Office of Technology Development works collaboratively with its inventors to target appropriate companies, venture capital firms, investors and others to market Forsyth’s available technologies.   Interested licensees are invited to meet with the inventors  to discuss the technologies and answer questions. The licensing agreement is negotiated directly by the Director to ensure an efficient and effective conclusion satisfactory to both parties.

Download Forsyth’s Invention Disclosure Form
Download Forsyth’s New Technology/Patent Evaluation Form
Download Forsyth’s Intellectual  Property and Copyrightable Works Policy