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  • Monday, December 15, 2014
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Here at Forsyth, we share an excitement about the future—especially because our research has the potential to touch every human life on the planet. Can you imagine: 

  • a revolutionary wound healing treatment that reverse the effects of scarring—providing wounded veterans with a new lease on life
  • unique system of oral vaccine delivery to address global health threats such as tuberculosis, AIDS and diarrheas
  • a simple drug-store saliva kit that warns a parent that their child is at risk for developing diabetes—enabling a preventive health strategy before its too late!
  • a doctor telling a patient that based on family history and gut bacteria, a probiotic should be prescribed to help populate the GI tract with the proper combination of microbes 

While these solutions to health problems aren’t on the market today, they could be very soon.  These stories are examples of where Forsyth’s scientific research is now taking us, and how it can help real people.  Partner with us to make this a reality by continuing to support cutting-edge research. Make a donation today online or by calling the Office of Advancement at 617-892-8601.