Student Forms

Parents and guardians can sign up their child for ForsythKids by completing the following consent forms. These forms are for students in participating schools. If your child’s school does not have a dental program, have your school nurse contact us to learn more about bringing ForsythKids to your town.

Download the forms and return to your child’s teacher.

Consent Forms:

ForsythKids English Forms:  

ForsythKids Spanish Forms: 

ForsythKids Portuguese: 

ForsythKids Vietnamese Forms: 

ForsythKids Haitian/Creole Forms: 


Dental Health Contributes to Overall Wellness

Research shows that children with severe cavities are almost four times more likely than their peers to miss over 50 school hours every year and have a low grade point average, and are also more likely to suffer the disproportionate nutritional, developmental, social and psychological effects that accompany painful dental diseases. (American Journal of Public Health, September 2012, Vol. 102, No.9)