Through our research, we hope to develop better and often less invasive ways to diagnose, treat and even prevent disease.

Forsyth is the world’s leading independent research organization dedicated to improving oral health, and reducing interrelated systemic diseases and conditions. Our portfolio includes basic, translational and clinical research, an active technology transfer and corporate collaborations effort, and community programs that benefit underserved populations locally, nationally and internationally.

Today, Forsyth has 37 principal investigators and more than 100 research associates, students and post-doctoral fellows. Our rapidly evolving research directions include: human genomics and systems biology for individualized oral medicine; saliva-based diagnostics; collaborations with engineering, bioengineering and materials sciences to develop new diagnostics and therapies; deciphering the interplay between humans and the trillions of our bacterial passengers—to promote a lifetime of wellness; and vaccine development for global infectious diseases.   Members of the public can learn more about Forsyth research at our weekly seminars.