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The Forsyth Institute is a top-tier NIH-funded research institute focused on exploring the connections between oral health and overall well-being, with over a century-long legacy of changing the oral health landscape. From research and technology transfer to local and global public health outreach programs, Forsyth has always been on the front lines of oral health.


Forsyth scientists were among those who discovered that fluoride could help prevent cavities. We developed the first local antibiotic to treat gum disease and sequenced the first oral bacterial genome. We made the discovery that cavities are the result of bacterial infection and identified the specific bacteria to blame.


Now, in the 21st century, Forsyth scientists are looking beyond dentistry to understand how what happens in the mouth impacts the overall health of the body. The current research at Forsyth aims to transform public health.

Forsyth building, Kendall Square

Our Mission

The Forsyth Institute’s mission is to improve oral and overall health through a combination of innovative research and community outreach by accelerating the delivery of wellness solutions locally and globally.

Forsyth Student Scholars working in the lab

Our Values





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