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Continuing Education


Forsyth offers a variety of continuing education (CE) courses taught by our world-renowned faculty. Our mission is to train the next generation of dentists to remain at the forefront of oral health innovation.

Won Moon teaching a CE course at Forsyth

Past Topics

Past topics in the area of periodontics have included:

  • Timing of implant placement: guidelines and challenges
  • Microbiology and immunology of periodontal diseases
  • Regenerative periodontal treatment
  • Advancing periodontology in the era of personalized medicine
  • Periodontal-orthodontic treatment approaches
  • Principles of contemporary implant dentistry Aging periodontal and peri-implant tissues oral diseases: A public health concern planning the periodontal treatment
  • Gold standard in soft tissue grafting
  • Role of periodontal/dental health care providers in managing diabetic complications: a team approach

Past topics in the area of pediatric dentistry have included:

  • The evidence behind growth and development appliances: Early appliance therapy
  • Dental care for the child with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy
  • Treating the patient with special health care needs
  • Cleft lip/cleft palate and the pediatric dental patient
  • Orthodontics and sleep disorders in children
  • Orthodontic intervention of malocclusion in children
  • Dental management of patients with autism spectrum disorders
  • Treatment of dental trauma in children
  • Prevention protocols and zirconia crowns for children
  • School-based preventive dental care for children

Past topics in the area of Orthodontics have included:

  • Management of craniofacial development and oral health in children: orthodontic perspectives
  • The imperatives of early orthodontic treatment in children
  • Orthodontic perspectives in adult and pediatric airway management
  • Management of orthodontic related complications.
  • Integration of digital orthodontics in modern practice.

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