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MicroCT Core


The ADA Forsyth Micro Computed Tomography (μCT) Core is an imaging facility equipped with a Scanco μCT 40, ex vivo μCT scanner, with a high throughput scanning option (auto sample exchanger). The scanner is designed for 3D X-ray imaging of small samples in high resolution and will provide images and quantitative analyses of internal structures of ex vivo samples without any destructive procedures. The non-destructive nature of this technology allows investigators to carry out complementary analyses (e.g., histology) of the same samples. This instrument is designed for mineralized tissues, however, imaging of soft tissue, such as blood vessels, is also possible if an appropriate contrast reagent is used.

MicroCT Core services


To provide researchers access to microCT instrumentation through full-service imaging as well as consultation on sample preparation and experiment design.

Services Offered:

  • MicroCT imaging of many sample types.
  • Consulting and support services associated with imaging and analysis


Scanco µCT40 scanner allows for 3D visualization, measurement, and quantification of structures of mineralized specimens

  • Contrast reagents can also be used to visualize soft tissues, such as blood vessels
  • This system creates a 3D model from a stack of 2D X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation
  • Resolution of 6 to 32 microns
  • Specific trabecular or cortical analysis of long bones can be performed
  • Equipped with an automatic sample changer that allows high throughput scanning
  • Scanco uCT40 specifications

Additional Information

Acknowledging the Core

  • If you publish data obtained through the core, please cite in the methods or acknowledgements: “Micro CT images were acquired at the Forsyth Institute MicroCT Core Facility (RRID:SCR_021180).”
  • Contact core for assistance with methods or to request a quote


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