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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Located in the Kendall Square, an epicenter of biomedical research, the ADA Forsyth campus is situated in one of the most innovative square miles in the world. Surrounded by preeminent academic institutions, hospitals, research institutes, and biopharmaceutical companies, we are able to offer our postdoctoral fellows ample collaborative opportunities.


The goal of ADA Forsyth’s post-doctoral training is to develop a diverse group of committed, highly trained, and competitive investigators from a pool of PhDs and professionals (DMD, DDS, MD) who seek a collaborative, multidisciplinary research experience and careers in oral health and related systemic health research. Postdocs can find opportunities that meet their current goals, with both funded employment opportunities and the research training certificate program.

Postdoctoral Employment through the T90/R90 Training Grant

Postdoctoral training is offered for clinicians and/or research scientists who seek to obtain collaborative, multidisciplinary experience in basic, translational, or clinical research related to oral and craniofacial diseases, conditions, and disorders.
ADA Forsyth has different avenues for postdoctoral employment. The first is to secure a post doc by contacting one of AFI’s principal investigators with openings in their labs.
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The other option is to apply for a T90/R90 Institutional Postdoctoral Training award, supported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. The award includes postdoctoral positions with ADA Forsyth faculty and affiliate faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. In addition, two positions are available annually for the DMD/PhD program at Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
Support is available for up to three years for postdoctoral trainees and 6 years for DMD/PhD trainees.

Postdoctoral employment
“The T-90 grant has given me the opportunity to improve my skills and knowledge on bio-mineralization. It has been an amazing experience working at Forsyth under the T-90 Grant and it is helping me pave the way to my independence as researcher.”

Nelson Monteiro, MSC, PHD

Basic Qualifications

  • Postdoctoral candidates must hold a DDS, DMD, PhD, or MD in a Forsyth/Harvard related research field.
  • Most postdoctoral trainees must be US citizens or hold a Green Card at the time of appointment. There are limited spaces for international positions that are open for dentists only.
  • Predoctoral DMD/PhD candidates apply directly through the Harvard School of Dental Medicine portal.
  • All candidates, pre and postdoctoral must be motivated, responsible, and willing to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Postdoctoral applicants are encouraged to reach out to Forsyth Faculty whose research interests are in line with the applicant to discuss their role as supporting mentors.
Oral Microbiology

Apply for the T90/R90 Training Award

Complete and submit the T90/R90 Application Form below. Then send the following documents directly to with the subject line T90/R90 Application.

  • Cover letter
  • Statement of Research Interests (4 pages total)
      • Specific Aims Page (1 page)
      • Significance (½ page)
        • Describe the significance of the proposal to human health with an emphasis on significance for oral and craniofacial health
      • Approach
        • Describe the research strategy, preliminary data, methodology and analysis plan to accomplish each specific aim
      • Timeline to accomplish aims (½ page)
      • References (not included in page limit).
  • Training Plan (2 pages total)
      • Applicant’s Background (1 page)
        • Describe applicant’s research and, if applicable, clinical background.
      • Goals for Postdoctoral Training (1 pages). Describe the goals for the training period and the applicant’s longer-term career goals.
        • Identify specific skills, approaches and concepts to be learned and how this will be accomplished (½ page).
        • Explain how the proposed research project and training will facilitate the applicant’s transition to independence as a researcher.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcripts
  • Copies of Diplomas
  • Letters of Support. 3 letters of support should be addressed to Dr. Thomas E. Van Dyke and emailed from letter writers directly to One of the letters should come from the applicant’s graduate mentor(s) and, if applicable, previous postdoctoral mentor(s).

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and applicants chosen for consideration will be contacted when and if there are available positions.

Other Postdoctoral Position Openings

In addition to the postdocs through the T90/R90 awards, Forsyth scientists have openings in their labs, which can be funded through startup funds, grants or awards, and through the institute itself. Postdocs are encouraged to explore the opportunities in PI labs and reach out to individual PIs with questions.

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Postdoctoral Certificate Training

Along with the funded Postdoctoral opportunities, postdocs from around the world are invited to join the Research Training Certificate Program. This program is for all researchers who are not funded internally by The ADA Forsyth Institute or a PI affiliated grant and will have a full-time appointment within the Institute for 6 months or more.

Research Training Certificate Program
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