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Biostatistics Core


The Forsyth Institute Biostatistics Core is available for researchers who have biostatistical needs that stem from collaboration with, or research performed at, the ADA Forsyth Institute


To provide researchers support and consultation in biostatistical analysis.

Services Offered:

  • Analysis planning & advice
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Methods development work and collaboration
  • Project design advice
  • Study feasibility
  • Protocol review
  • Manuscript review response
  • Grant submission or resubmission help

Statistical Tools and Expertise


  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Excel
  • R
  • Will try to accommodate users of other software packages


  • Linear models, e.g., ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Regression,
  • Classification
  • Dimensionality reduction, e.g., Factor Analysis, PCA, PLS
  • Nonparametric statistics
  • Resampling, Permutation tests
  • Neural networks, Computational modeling
  • Power and sample size
  • Will try to work with those who need help with other types of analyses

Data Management

  • SDTM, ADaM data packaging


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