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Eiba Eltay, Bds, Clinical MD  

Graduate Scholar, Van Dyke Lab/Immunology And Infectious Disease

I have a bachelor’s in dental surgery (BDS) from October 6 University in Egypt. In 2017, I was awarded Clinical Medical Doctorate in periodontology from Sudan Medical Specialization Board in Sudan. I planned and conducted a clinical trial using pomegranate peel extract as a complementary therapy to manage gingival inflammation. The research was published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2021. I have worked in my private practice and established a free dental care program for low-income patients. I was a volunteer dentist that participated in many community outreach programs, a student coordinator at the Sudan Medical Specialization Board, a Sudanese Dental Association Journal Editorial Coordinator for the (SDA) 8th Conference, and a teaching assistant in the Department of Periodontology at Karary University in Sudan. Currently, I am a DMSc student in the Research Academy program at HSDM.

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