Technology Development

The Office of Technology Development provides the link between Forsyth’s research and commercialization efforts.

Our mission is to evaluate new technologies at Forsyth and to facilitate their efficient translation into products and services that improve public health globally. Forsyth’s technologies extend well beyond the oral health arena, and include oral-systemic disease connections, vaccines, global infectious diseases, bone, and the prevention of inflammation.

Patent Committee

The Forsyth Institute Patent Committee is a dynamic group of internal and external professionals with experience in the areas of biomedical research, and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device development.

Invention Disclosure and Review Process

Forsyth’s researchers prepare a written disclosure of any new inventions which is then formally evaluated and reviewed by the Patent Committee. Decisions regarding the filing of patents to protect inventions are made by the Patent Committee, and then effectuated and managed by the Office of Technology Development staff.  

Licensing and Commercialization

Forsyth licenses its patented inventions to both established and startup companies that demonstrate the technical and financial capabilities to develop early-stage technology into commercially successful products. Forsyth's available technology can be found in the Association of University Technology Managers database.


Karen A. Mullin, JD, LLM, Email
Chief General Counsel/ Director of Technology Development