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Supporting the Mission of ADA Forsyth: A Q&A with Voyager Dental’s CEO, Steve Floe

ADA Forsyth’s Inaugural Golf Tournament is right around the corner. Today we are pleased to highlight the event’s Course Sponsor, Voyager Dental in this Q&A with the company’s CEO, Steve Floe. Like ADA Forsyth, Voyager Dental places an emphasis on positive community outcomes driven by innovation. We are grateful for the support provided by Voyager Dental for this event, which will help fund our research and community outreach initiatives.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Voyager Dental?

A: Voyager is a dental software company that specializes in automating digital workflows and harnessing smart algorithms and AI to enhance experiences for both dentists and patients.

The company views design at the center of digital dentistry because it impacts fit and function.  Voyager is focused on quality in digital denture design and other digital applications.  Our novel 3D software embeds the principles of occlusion and orthodontic tooth arrangement to standardize results. 

We recognize the importance of educating clinicians in digital best practices, particularly beneficial in the process for digital dentures. Voyager is invested in directly supporting dentists with better prosthetics to achieve efficiency and in-clinic consistency.  We also organize practice management data to support systematic data analysis informed by real-world clinical experiences. 

Q: Why did you choose to support ADA Forsyth?

A: We value the intelligent work at ADA Forsyth and its commitment to advancing oral health. We aim to be a long-term partner of the organization.

AFI’s innovative research coupled with its focus on community outreach is powerful and is making a difference in the lives of many people.

Q: What excites you about ADA Forsyth Research and/or community programs, such as Forsyth Kids?

A: Voyager is inspired by ADA Forsyth’s ongoing research on the connection between oral health and overall well-being.  We see firsthand that quality oral care makes a big difference in people’s daily lives, especially for denture patients. 

Additionally, data continues to build around the impact of the oral microbiome on overall health. It’s an area that ADA Forsyth provides clear leadership on and it is every bit as exciting as breakthroughs in genomics or other areas that factor in our well-being.

We also believe in the mission of ForsythKids: to reach underserved children with dental education and care. We need to reach those in need where they are, especially children, and we need to take action if we are going to improve public health.  We should aim to grow programs like this and expand into different areas of oral health. 

Q: In what ways do you see AFI’s mission overlapping with Voyager Dental’s?

A: The number of patients in the US who have no teeth exceeds that of those diagnosed with diabetes. It’s about 36 million per the American College of Prosthodontists. Most people are surprised that this is the case.

It also represents a huge, perhaps overlooked, need for public health research and innovation by organizations like Voyager Dental and ADA Forsyth, who both aim to improve oral and overall health. 

Given everything we know about inflammation, missing teeth, and other disease states, a holistic approach is called for.  We see education and hygiene as going hand in hand with fit and function. To be truly innovative, we need to approach the problem by considering the whole person.  Beyond better software, we feel a responsibility to reach people where they are.  Outreach is important. Additionally, I know both organizations are aiming to improve access to quality care globally. 

Q: What is exciting to you about the future of Dentistry?

A: Tech that supports easier, more clinically efficient ways to meet the needs of patients is exciting to us.  Especially in prosthodontics, where workflows tend to be laborious, tech can speed things up while also delivering wins for patients and expanding access to care.

Let’s use tech to increase understanding and competence globally.  

Q: What new innovations is Voyager developing?

A: We’re doing important, proprietary work with implants and ortho right now. In the area of digital dentures, we are excited about the ability to determine the “baseline” of an organization by location and then show improvements after quality digital is introduced.   

Q: What is exciting to you about the overlap of the tech and oral health industries?

A: We are excited about the standardization of care for better patient outcomes.  Tech can facilitate best practice; it doesn’t take an AI to see that.

Software, hardware, materials, scanning, and refining human processes to get the intended result are all pieces of this puzzle.

Q: Is there anything else you want to tell us?

A: Thank you! Voyager is supporting digital denture education programs to drive efficiency in care and to highlight best practice – feel free to contact us at to join the list.

(Interview edited for length and clarity).

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