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Benjamin Wu, DDS, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Operating Officer

As a practicing clinician, improving patient care and elevating oral health is a constant motivating force to innovate. As a materials engineer, my research applies fundamental principles of materials science to control structure-property-performance of biomaterials. My team has taken this approach to engineer novel bioceramics, polymers, shape memory metals, and biodegradable metals that have many applications in medicine and dentistry. While most of these are directed at therapeutic strategies to restore lost structure and function, we also apply the same fundamental principles to develop diagnostic devices to detect a wide range of biomarkers. We are also developing novel materials and manufacturing methods for digital 3D manufacturing to enable low-cost one-pot manufacturing of complex devices with multiple materials and new functionality. This effort will support facile and adaptive manufacturing to create a new generation of 3D dental appliances ranging from smart orthodontic aligners, intraoral bioelectronics for sensing and communication, to intraoral sensors to further inform the link between oral microbiome and saliva contents.

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