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Carla Alvarez Rivas, DDS, PhD

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow (NIDCR K99)

Dr. Carla Alvarez Rivas holds a DDS and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (Immunology) from the Universidad de Chile. She arrived at Forsyth as a Graduate Fellow. Upon completing her Ph.D. studies, she was awarded the R90 Postdoctoral Fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Alp Kantarci. In 2023, Dr. Alvarez was awarded the prestigious NIDCR K99/R00 award, allowing her to transition to a faculty position and pursue further clinical training in periodontics. 

Her research interests focus on the interplay between T-cell immune responses and bone metabolism. More recently, she has focused on the homeostatic and pathological development of the periodontal memory T cell compartment.

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