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​$4.8M MLSC grant to fund Mass. Host-Microbiome Center

The Forsyth Institute and Brigham & Women’s Hospital were awarded over $4.8 million to fund the creation of the Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center, which will accelerate practical understanding of how personal microbial communities interact to promote health or cause disease. The funding will be used for critically needed equipment and facilities that will help the Center create construction, equipment manufacturing and research jobs, training opportunities, and also generate intellectual property for licensing or development into spin-off companies that commercialize microbial and anti-inflammatory-based therapies and products. The project draws upon unique expertise among state institutions that have pioneered functional systems to identify causative effects of microbial communities in vivo, namely the Forsyth Institute, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and the Harvard Digestive Diseases Center.

Check out the Boston Business Journal to learn more. 

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