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Forsyth dentech 2021 explores $100+ billion untapped oral health market

Oral health care is a market with an optimistic outlook, reflecting increasing worldwide awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy oral hygiene and fresh and pleasant breath, as well as growth in dental tourism and governmental promotion of awareness about dental diseases in emerging economies. Despite the size of the market and its expected growth, oral health innovation is lagging behind other sectors in healthcare tech, and major disparities in access to oral healthcare still exist that are impacting racial and socioeconomic groups.

This September, the Forsyth Institute, with its 111-year history of oral health innovation, presents Forsyth dentech 2021—the leading oral health care technology innovation conference bringing together thought leaders from research, industry, academia, and venture capital. This annual event aims to accelerate innovation and launch new ventures in the dental health space. At the event, selected entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and incubated tech teams will have the stage to showcase their exciting new technology or pitch their business proposals for funding support to Forsyth’s partners in the oral health care innovation ecosystem, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry partners.

From tooth remineralization to saliva diagnostics to inspecting teeth layers to predict mental health, the oral health tech industry is a largely unexplored arena. Dr. Wenyuan Shi, Forsyth’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer, says that with dentech 2021 he wants Forsyth to be the driving force behind a revolution in oral care. “Oral health technology innovation represents a $100+ billion untapped market with the potential to transform healthcare,” says Dr. Shi. “That’s why we created Forsyth dentech 2021. This is a unique opportunity for inventors to showcase their novel technology, and for investors and dental companies to get an exclusive look at new technologies for investment or licensing opportunities.”

Presenters at dentech 2021 will have opportunities to engage with Forsyth’s Technology Development team and its ecosystem partners to deepen their networks, fine-tune their business plans and explore potential seed funding. The conference will also award cash prizes to top technologies chosen by the organizing committee.

The primary technology focus areas of Forsyth dentech 2021 include diagnostics, therapeutics, devices, software as a service, and business-to-business solutions. Entrepreneurs and scientists developing anti-inflammation, probiotics, saliva diagnostics, and dental artificial intelligence technologies have already signed on to present their ideas, with limited space still available for additional presenters. Forsyth dentech 2021 is supported by Platinum Sponsors CareCapital and Primerock Capital, with sponsorships still being accepted.

The application period for presentation submissions is currently open and closes on September 10th. Participants may attend the conference either virtually or in person at Forsyth’s location in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, September 23.

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