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Highlights from IADR 2024

ADA Forsyth is proud to have been a part of the 2024 International Association for Dental Research (IADR) General Session & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA. This year’s event was especially rewarding, as it was the first in-person joint session of the International and American (AADOCR) divisions since before the COVID-19 pandemic. From innovative research presentations by ADA Forsyth Institute scientists to a spectacular ADA Forsyth reception, our time at IADR was full of highlights… 

ADA Forsyth hosts a jam-packed reception 

To kick off IADR, ADA Forsyth hosted a packed reception convening individuals from a myriad of influential organizations spanning research, academia, and industry. Both new and longtime friends of ADA Forsyth shared an unforgettable evening of lively celebration.  

Postdoctoral fellow Pu-Ting Dong brings home two awards

ADA Forsyth Postdoctoral fellow Pu-Ting Dong presented her research and imaging techniques on lipid droplets within oral bacteria, for which she won this year’s 2nd place Ned Lally Award in the Mini-Symposium for Young Investigators Postdoc category and the Susan Kinder Haake Microbiology/Immunology Travel Award. Click here to learn more about Pu-Ting’s multi-award-winning research.    

ADA Forsyth high-school Student Scholar attends IADR with Forsyth Kids Director Megan Pugach-Gordon

Forsyth Kids director Megan Pugach-Gordon participated in a symposium where she outlined the ways in which the Forsyth Student Scholars high-school summer internship program has helped engage young people in spreading the word about antimicrobial resistance in hands-on ways. ADA Forsyth hosted summer 2023 Forsyth Student Scholar Randy Delgado and his parents to provide a unique opportunity for a new generation of scientists to experience IADR. 

ADA Forsyth Principal Investigator Batbileg Bor selected as a finalist for the Joseph Lister New Investigator Award

ADA Forsyth Principal Investigator Batbileg Bor was selected as one of just 11 finalists for the prestigious Joseph Lister New Investigator Award. Dr. Bor presented his lab’s exciting findings on using a CRISPR-based platform for salivary diagnostics and the potential practical applications for this research. The presentation was followed by a Q&A from a panel of judges from across the oral health research ecosystem. 

In addition to these highlights, numerous scientists from ADA Forsyth were featured as oral and poster presenters at the IADR conference. This included 15 presenters from Chicago and Maryland, as well as 36 presenters from the ADA Forsyth office in Cambridge, contributing to a total of 51 presentations and posters at IADR. Among these scientists were Megan Pugach-Gordon, Bruno Matuck, Markus Hardt, Alpdogan Kantarci, Malak Al Hadlaq, Kevin Byrd, Jacques Eduardo Nör, Racquel Miera, Pu-Ting Dong, Nika Mehrnia, Batbileg Bor, Brittany Rupp, Wenyuan Shi, and Zabdieel Alvarado-Martinez.

Overall, ADA Forsyth had an amazing IADR experience, and we are already looking forward to IADR 2025!   

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