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John Boresi on Improving Patient Care Through Innovation

Each year, in the weeks leading up to the Forsyth dentech conference, we ask different speakers and sponsors to share their thoughts on important developments and trends in oral health innovation. One of the most interesting aspects of these interviews is the different perspectives each of these thought leaders bring to the table.

With Forsyth dentech just two weeks away, we are pleased to present this interview with John Boresi, CEO of OraBio, who graciously shared his perspective as an investor in oral health technology. OraBio is committed to improving patient care by accelerating dental innovation and it is the platinum sponsor of Forsyth dentech 2023.

A Q&A with John Boresi, CEO of OraBio

Q: Can you tell us a little about OraBio

A: The company was formed in 2021, and it offers a unique and turn-key business model to help accelerate dental innovation. Often, development and commercialization challenges limit dental innovations from realizing their full potential. Our initial focus is to help facilitate innovation related to periodontal health under our Periovance brand.

Q: Why are you excited to sponsor Forsyth dentech?

A: For many years, Forsyth has been the leader in facilitating dental innovation and providing the research and science underlying new product development. The dentech event highlights the latest and best technologies, which of course is well-aligned with OraBio’s focus. We’re excited to sponsor and participate in this event – it’s exactly where we want to be.

Q: What do you look for in companies in the oral health space that you are interested in acquiring?

A: We look for innovation that has high potential to improve patient outcomes. We start by understanding the underlying science and impact on clinical outcomes. We then evaluate what it will take to bring the product to market and reach its true potential.

Currently we’re focused on solutions that assist the dental professional in treating patients with gingivitis and periodontitis. These products may be used in the practice or prescribed for at-home use. In all cases, we want the Periovance portfolio to address challenges or gaps in the care of these patients.

Our operating model is different – we’re not a private equity company looking to provide funding to other companies. Instead, we bring the product or innovation inside OraBio, invest to complete the development, manage the regulatory process and commercialize the product. In order to do this, we need to be very flexible in terms of how we structure partnerships to create a win-win relationship. At the end of the day, we want to be the single, trusted source that innovators turn to optimize the performance of the product in the market. 

Q: What oral health technology and developments are you most excited about right now?

A: We are following developments across the entire periodontal health continuum. There are exciting developments in the areas of early diagnosis, prevention and enhanced treatment planning. We see new products that address specific clinical indications that the dental professional is currently only able to recommend OTC options. Lastly, we are seeing developments that promote periodontal healing through non-invasive techniques that could redefine existing treatment protocols. We see a real opportunity to advance the periodontal protocols, which of course will help improve patients’ oral and overall health.

Q: What kinds of innovations are you bringing to market under your Periovance brand?

A:  We are working on a wide range of opportunities to build the Periovance portfolio, and we plan to introduce two products to the market in early 2024. One will allow a dental practice to better manage patient discomfort around scaling and root planning procedures, both in-office and at home after the procedure. Our second product will provide a unique solution for xerostomia (dry mouth) that practices can recommend for at-home use.

We also expect to launch a novel in-office, non-invasive treatment for advanced periodontitis in 2024 as well. It will offer practitioners and patients an alternative prior to having to seek surgical intervention.

Q: What do your growth plans look like? Where do you want OraBio to be in the years to come?

A; Our plan is to launch a robust Periovance portfolio and develop the supporting commercial infrastructure in 2024. In parallel, we will develop a pipeline of innovation so we can see a sustained development of the Periovance brand in 2025 and beyond.   Lastly, we will start exploring other areas of dentistry to develop our next vertical.

Our goal is for OraBio to be considered the best-in-class, turn-key alternative that attracts dental innovation to improve patient outcomes. In order to achieve this, we will need to continuously balance the needs of our customers, innovators, team members and financial stakeholders.

Q: Is there anything else you want to tell us?

A: We’re truly honored to participate in the Forsyth dentech conference. We think it’s a premier gathering where the industry can come together around innovation and improving patient outcomes. We’re really proud to sponsor this watershed event and excited to meet all the attendees.

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