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Meet our 2019 Forsyth Student Scholars

Each summer, the Forsyth Institute welcomes Boston-area high school students to work side-by-side with scientists in their labs. The Forsyth Student Scholars Summer Internship Program gives students the opportunity to perform hands-on experiments and contribute to real research projects. This year, eight interns were selected out of more than 200 highly competitive applicants.

Meet this year’s student scholars:

“I always had an interest in biology and biochemistry, and I felt that the Forsyth’s internship program was the best way to not only properly develop these interests but also grow new ones. I also desired a hands-on experience to help me grow into a proper scientist.” — Deniz Bulucu, rising 12th grader at Lexington High School.
“Originally in my school district, there were few opportunities to have hands-on experiences with modern laboratory techniques. When I learned about the Forsyth program online, I became interested as it allowed me a chance to enter into science through an internship. The program had high aims, which I liked, and would help us become more capable researchers.” — Venkata Siva Dasuri, rising 11th grader at Norwood High School.
“I was interested in an internship at Forsyth because it’s good for my resume and will further my interest in science. I’m excited about being introduced to research science that I wouldn’t necessarily have access to otherwise.” — Fortuna Decimus, rising 11th grader at Brockton High School.
“I have always loved science, especially biology, so working in a lab at Forsyth over the summer seemed natural and was a truly thrilling prospect. I was excited about the chance to gain experience in laboratory research, and amazing opportunity for a high school student. I think interning at Forsyth is the best way to spend my summer, working with actual research scientists, learning lab techniques as well as microbiological concepts, and completing my own project.” — Alice Khomski, rising 10th grader at Boston University Academy.
“I was interested in an internship at Forsyth because I was intrigued by immunology and the different scientific experiments they are doing here. I am most excited about all the new knowledge I will gain interning here and the experience of what it’s like being a scientist.” — Anthony Kushta, rising 12th grader at Brockton High School. 
“I worked at the Forsyth Institute last year and was fascinated about the biodiversity in our mouths and their relation to oral health. This year, I hope to further my interest in oral health by studying interactions between bacteria and through that knowledge, expand our understanding of using protective bacteria to prevent caries.” — John Lin, rising 11th grader at Boston Latin School.
“I’ve worked in lab space before, but I have never been given the opportunity to work at the bench and conduct research. Forsyth provides a space for me to do that and makes me feel like a real scientist.” — Angel Muthemba, rising 12th grader at Revere High School.
“I was interested in an internship at Forsyth to gain experience at an institute and see the ins-and-outs of scientific research. I’m most excited about doing extensive laboratory projects that I wouldn’t be able to do in school.” — Cheyenne Stringfellow, rising 12th grader at Belmont High School.
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