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Meet Our 2021 Student Scholars

Each year, the Forsyth Institute welcomes a cohort of high school students into our laboratories to work side-by-side with scientists and clinicians on real research projects. Created in 1993 as one of the first STEM programs in Massachusetts, the Forsyth Institute Student Scholars Summer Internship Program aims to teach students what scientific research involves and provide them with hands-on opportunities to contribute to Forsyth’s scientific portfolio.

“This summer, the interns completed mostly computer-based or oral health outreach projects to accommodate their hybrid schedule and Covid safety protocols,” said Dr. Megan K. Pugach-Gordon, Director of Education and Assistant Research Investigator at the Forsyth Institute. “I am amazed by their resilience, focus and dedication to their summer projects and we are so proud of all they have accomplished this summer, despite challenging circumstances over the past 18 months!”

Sixteen interns from various public schools in Massachusetts were chosen to participate in Forsyth’s summer internship this year based on their academic excellence and interest in science. On Friday, August 20, 2021, at 4PM, the interns will present about their fields of study, answer questions, and receive their certificates in a final presentation ceremony. You’re invited to join us via Zoom!

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Learn more about each of our Student Scholars:

“After high school, I plan to go to a 4-year college/university and major in nursing, with the intention of specializing in the neonatal/NICU area.” – Alanna Marte, John D. O’Bryant High School, Grade 11

“The thing I’m most excited to work on during my internship is learning how to separate DNA using pipetting as well as learning how to run a PCR procedure.” – Alexandria Lim, Everett High School, Grade 12

“This year, I’m excited to work on identifying CRISPR-Cas systems in oral bacteria. I’ve been interested in CRISPR and gene editing for the past few years, so getting to contribute to this field of study has been incredible. I hope my findings will provide new insight into CRISPR-Cas function in the human oral microbiome.” – Alice Khomski, Boston University Academy, Grade 12

“I chose to intern at Forsyth because I knew that Forsyth’s unique ability to put trust in their Student Scholars–to conduct research directly–was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. This established program not only gives us hands-on research experience, but equips us with the foundational knowledge to really understand the significance of what we’re doing.” – Chloe Duncan-Wald, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Grade 12

“I’m mostly looking forward to working in the lab and conducting experiments during my internship. I am a visual learner, and having lab experience will undoubtedly help in the development of my skills.” – Ergina Agastra, Excel High School, Grade 12

“The thing I am most excited to work on during my internship is gel electrophoresis.” – Leina Salomon, Brockton High School, Grade 11

“I decided to intern at Forsyth to gain experience and learn what a job in the field I’m interested in would be like.” – Maria Paula, Everett High School, Grade 12

“I am most excited to work on my project about aging and inflammation during my internship. I’m glad I am able to learn about immunology because I’ve never learned about it in school before.” – Olivia Orlik, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, Grade 12

“During my internship, I am most excited to learn about different aspects of oral hygiene and branches of oral health.” – Pretima Khadka, Everett High School, Grade 12

“My plans after high school are to attend college and major in either biology or neuroscience. After that, my goal to attend medical school.” – Radi Sullivan, Brockton High School, Grade 11

“I chose to intern at Forsyth because their mission to bring health care to underserved communities and pursue data on the frontlines of oral health research interested me. I went into the program with a feeling that my time would be spent on meaningful and rewarding projects under invaluable mentorship from the researchers and staff.” – Rio Hunter Black, Somerville High School, Grade 12

“I chose to intern at Forsyth because I wanted to work in a company with professionals who are passionate about their work and to meet more scholars with the same interests as me.” – Samaga Pokharel, Everett High School, Grade 12

“After high school, I plan on starting my path to dental school. I intend on obtaining an undergraduate degree in biology and attending dental school in Boston. Ultimately, I would like to specialize in orthodontics to fulfill my dream of becoming an orthodontist.” – Terresa Lee, Boston Latin Academy, Grade 12

I chose to intern at Forsyth because I wanted to gain hands-on experiences along with learning more information about topics like microbiology, immunology, etc. This internship program offers just that as I will be paired up with a mentor who will help me work on my own individual project.” – Thao-Nhi Ngoc Tran, Brockton High School, Grade 12

“I chose to intern at Forsyth because my health teacher introduced this opportunity to me. I wanted lab experience and to explore dentistry.” – Veena Haseeb, Everett High School, Grade 12

“After high school, I plan to pursue a major relating to computer science. My dream school is MIT.” – Zaire Andrade, Brockton High School, Grade 11

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