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Pitch Competition Finalists Forsyth dentech 2023

The Forsyth Institute is pleased to announce 16 finalists have been selected to pitch at the Forsyth dentech 2023 startup competition. Forsyth dentech, the world’s leading oral health innovation investment forum, is now in its 3rd year.

Convening thought leaders, stakeholders and investors from the oral health innovation ecosystem, Forsyth dentech 2023 will feature several discussion panels, and three keynote speakers. The pitch competition is central to the conference, attracting investors from all over the world looking to get into the $140 Billion untapped market.

The past two dentech conferences led to over $50 Million raised in funding for participating startups. This year, over 65 companies applied to pitch at dentech. The four highest scoring companies will be invited to a closed session with investors directly following the conference.

17 startups pitching at Forsyth dentech 2023

3D Orthobiologic Solutions, LLC

3D Orthobiologic Solutions (3DOS) is developing a customizable, 3D-printed scaffold for repairing and regenerating bone in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Biocompatible materials and structures are optimized to enhance bone regrowth efficiently and maximally. 3DOS’ platform will provide an easy-to-use and biodegradable scaffold that will be superior to existing products in speed and quality and offer a high throughput option for oral surgeons and periodontists.


Founded by dentists, AirPay specializes in automating the pre-appointment workflow for dental front desk teams around benefits verification, cost calculation, and out of pocket payments.

Amend Surgical

Amend Surgical is redefining adhesive and barrier technologies across oral, dental, and surgical applications. Our platform of bio-inspired technologies will change the standard of care for wet and mechanically demanding environments, including Tissure™ – a resorbable hydrogel and chitosan-based glue and barrier that has the adhesion and mechanical strength to reconnect trigeminal and other peripheral nerves, eliminating the need for suture.


Biolectrics is commercializing OraFlow, a prescription oral care device that uses microcurrent stimulation to treat periodontitis, the sixth most prevalent health condition in the world. OraFlow overcomes barriers of treatment acceptance by providing a painless, cost-effective take-home treatment for patients who would otherwise avoid care. Biolectrics was selected as one of the top five oral care startups as a member of the SMILE Health 2023 cohort.


Today, cavity detection is done almost exclusively in the office setting. This is critically impacting access to care especially at early stages when cavities are in a reversible stage and can be treated at low costs.

Cavisense has developed a cholorimetric based platform capable of identifying cavities from anywhere. Cavisense’s technology is based on propriety materials and methods that change color in a binary fashion when they come in contact with tooth surfaces undergoing active de-mineralization.

The company’s market research indicates high interest among dentists and consumers alike to use the device as a screening and monitoring tool both inside and outside of dental offices. Cavisense is now completing its first clinical study funded by Mass Ventures. It is a Harvard/Tufts spin out company currently located at the Harvard innovation labs.


Cutiss is a Swiss clinical stage life-sciences company providing innovation in regenerative medicine, skin tissue engineering, and beyond. We aim to provide patients who suffer from large and deep skin defects with the first personalized and automated skin tissue therapy that is safe, effective, and accessible for children and adults. We are in the process of starting a multicenter European clinical phase III clinical trial for the treatment of acute wound. We have other programs in skin pigmentation and chronic wounds, and we are investigating the need of bioengineered tissue for dental applications.


DeepCare is an AI-native company with 7 years of industry experience. Our goal is to redefine dental care with AI. We’ve reimagined oral care for over one million patients across 5,000 clinics in 11 countries. We provide AI-copilot treatment design and AI-powered diagnostic and patient engagement solutions.

Dentherapy Ltd.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Dentherapy Ltd. is at the heart of a vibrant R&D and biotech ecosystem in one of the United Kingdom’s celebrated life sciences clusters. Focused on developing pioneering, novel oral therapeutic products, Dentherapy’s team includes dental professionals, formulation experts and key opinion leaders in academia and the oral care industry.  

Dentherapy has developed Toothboost® Technology, a proprietary formulation with patent filings. Toothboost supports healthy oral microbiome and combines preventative, restorative, and sensory properties, supported by in-vitro studies and consumer trials. 

Toothboost Oral Mist gives consumers the opportunity to boost their daily oral care routines with it’s easy to use, anytime, anywhere application. Toothboost Mist’s pocket sized ‘no-rinse’ spray application, boosts the saliva’s remineralising and buffering function, enabling consumers to protect their teeth directly after foods, snacks, and drinks, at times when use of toothpaste or mouthwash are not convenient or possible.  

Dentherapy is committed to developing a system solution of innovative oral therapeutic products using Toothboost® Technology, to refresh and redefine the landscape of whole mouth care.  

Flightpath Biosciences, Inc.

Flightpath Biosciences, Inc is a private, Series A funded, near-clinical stage life sciences company headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. To date, the company’s primary development focus has been on novel therapies to treat acute Lyme disease, which is advancing and remains ongoing. The company’s lead drug candidate, FP-100, is a narrow-spectrum bactericidal compound with selective activity against spirochetal bacteria and Fusobacterium and limited impact on the gut microbiome.

GreenMark Biomedical Inc.

GreenMark Biomedical Inc. is aiming to transform the dental experience by enabling dentists to visualize caries disease better and earlier, and to accurately assess when to treat and make painless, natural repair possible. At the core of GreenMark’s dental technology is its proprietary starch particle technology platform, involving small submicron particles that can be targeted to go exactly where needed, and then bio-resorb after the job is done.

By virtue of this platform, GreenMark in essence has a platform that can be applied to multiple applications within healthcare. These small particles are not solid as hard mineral-based nanoparticles, but we refer to them as “nanosponges.” We utilize the function of these particles to load content on the inside and place functional bonds on the outside of these particles. In so doing, GreenMark has developed a general device for the targeted bio-delivery of healthcare solutions.

IR Scientific

IR Scientific (IR-S) is a biomaterials research and development company based in Halifax, Canada. We are focused on the development of cosmetic and therapeutic products and the commercialization of ion release materials for specific roles in consumer, professional, and industrial applications.

IR’s first product, Sensi-IP®, delivers unmatched capabilities addressing tooth sensitivity and enamel repair and mineralization, two of the fastest growing categories in oral care. Our ingredienthas been independently validated by industry leading test houses and the CPGs that trust them in oral care.

In the last year, the company has focused on adding value to Sensi-IP through toothpaste formulation, a refined regulatory strategy, manufacturing and supply chain certainty. We are beginning clinical trials in October, while continuing to consider partnerships outside of oral care to maximize long term return to our shareholders.

Oral Science International Inc.

Oral Science International Inc. is a privately held entity supported by its affiliate, Oral Science Inc. and strategically headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Within our organizations, we have assembled a workforce of approximately 100 highly skilled professionals and expert consultants, all sharing a steadfast commitment to driving innovation in dental care.

In response to the urgent need for a rapid, engaging, precise, innovative, and user-friendly oral inflammation test associated with periodontal disease, we proudly introduce PerioMonitorTM. This cutting-edge solution will provide a non-invasive, realtime, and visually intuitive means of assessing oral inflammation levels.

Our overarching mission is to establish PerioMonitorTM as an indispensable instrument for dental professionals worldwide. This innovative technology will empower practitioners to diagnose periodontal diseases faster, monitor treatment effectiveness, track disease progression, and deliver proactive patient care with greater patient buy in. Furthermore, we are committed to cultivating strategic alliances with dental professionals and stakeholders, fostering relationships that drive the industry forward.

RegendoDent, Inc.

Developing regenerative therapies for the treatment of dental and craniofacial conditions. The company’s first product, RegendoGEL, activates the regenerative properties of a tooth to restore vital pulp and dentin damaged by decay or trauma.


RevBio was started with one goal in mind—to end medicine’s 50-year search for a biocompatible bone adhesive. Effective for bone-to-bone as well as bone-to-metal wet field applications, TETRANITE® is a revolutionary biomaterial that promises to transform bone repair—for both patients and clinicians. Inspired by the marine animal the sandcastle worm, TETRANITE is simple chemistry. Bioengineered from the worm’s secreted protein, our synthetic adhesive is the only patented biomaterial which satisfies both the required and desired properties for a bone adhesive: wet field performance, multi-surface bonding, rapid mechanical stability, and controlled biodegradability.

The properties of TETRANITE™ include the ability to provide immediate fixation of bone to bone and bone to metal. This adhesive has been shown in multiple animal studies to be a non-toxic and effective way of repairing bone fractures and defects as well as securing implant devices. Existing data has also shown that TETRANITE™ is reabsorbed and replaced with new bone during the natural process of bone remodeling by acting as a scaffold to facilitate bone growth over time.

SmileSonica Inc.

SmileSonica Inc. is an Edmonton, Canada, medical device company focused on evidence-based non-invasive therapeutic ultrasound dental technologies which include 51 owned and licensed patents. The dental industry challenge we are solving is the enhancement of the effectiveness and efficiency of dental treatments involving bone remodelling in orthodontic, periodontal and dental implant treatments. The growing gap between dental patients’ expectations and status-quo solutions is addressed by our portfolio of disruptive patented products: Aevo System™(Orthodontics), Xiry™ Oral Moisturizing Gel (Xerostomia), PerioAid UltraSound System (Periodontics), and Aevo Smart Aligners™(Orthodontics).


Straightwise revolutionizes the orthodontic experience by leveraging 3D printing and digital technology to create the ultimate fully customized braces solution just for you. Our unique treatment system is the first ever to combine the braces and the retainer into one. It’s completely hidden, amazingly smooth, comfortable and crazy effective. You’ll forget you’re wearing braces but you’ll never forget your retainer.

Voyager Dental

Voyager Dental has developed an innovative CAD software platform for the design of dental treatment appliances, from dentures to aligners, to support the transition to next generation digital and cloud-based work flows in dentistry. Our software is unique in deploying automation and AI to significantly reduce design time, while improving quality, standardization, and patient outcomes.

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