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Startups Presentations Program

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The Forsyth Showcase 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Moderator: Carline Durocher

TimeCompanyCompany description
Nocendra: Nocendra (a spin-out of The Forsyth Institute) is a recently established development and clinical company based in West Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA. The company has developed a drug based on new molecules and mechanisms to control inflammation without known side effects to enhance the body’s natural healing, restore health by reversing disease and regenerating tissues. Nocendra’s team has worked for more than 20 years on a new approach to resolve inflammation, with the discovery of a new class of compounds (lipoxins and resolvins) that help the body return to pre-disease conditions. Our mission is to deliver targeted solutions and develop drugs based on their discovery of natural active mediators that are both anti-inflammatory and pro-resolving, providing new approaches for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, including periodontal diseases.
The Forsyth Institute: Bor Lab at the Forsyth institute, in collaboration with Forsyth and Sherlock Biosciences, will unveil a novel oral pathogen detection system based on Sherlock’s diagnostic tools. With our platform – capable of detecting pathogens directly from saliva samples within an hour – we aim to provide dentists with a targeted understanding of each patient’s oral microbiome. The platform could eventually become available for the general public.
OralScan.: OralScan will provide the first handheld optical imaging probe for comprehensive and non-invasive assessment of dental health and discernment of dental defects in a clinical setting. All clinical aspects of the technology will be managed by Drs. Bidlack and Hasturk, while Dr. Iftimia will be directing instrument design and Dr. Trilla will advise on business aspects
Wnt Scientific is a preclinical stage company developing the therapeutics for joint diseases. The lead products are StemGel for osteoarthritis and TenGel for tendon injury. The MOA of StemGel is to inject a protein that specifically inhibits Wnt signaling to the joint cavity to suppress inflammation and stimulate cartilage regeneration. TenGel is the small molecules encapsulated in hydrogel that is topically used to the tendon tear site to stimulate tendon stem cell proliferation and differentiation. The company also developed a pipeline for nonunion fracture and critical size bone defect repair. 
Photomedics Inc. is a life science company that was founded in 2017 to advance oral health technology, commercializing scientific breakthroughs in Dental Care pioneered at the Forsyth Institute. The company is developing its first product, an intraoral light device with targeted antimicrobial action.
The Forsyth Institute: Dental caries is a major public health problem globally. None of the current preventive measures address the root cause, which is the acid production by specific commensal microorganisms. There is a critical need to establish more focused and effective preventive measures. We are developing a unique, natural and innovative orally administered probiotic for the prevention of dental caries.

Day 1 Presentations – Start times are approximate

Moderator: Richard Anders

TimeCompanyCompany description
2:00pmBase 86 – Independent dental and healthcare providers and suppliers waste too much time and money on mundane and manual supply orders. Base86 organizes your supplies orders, simplifies them, automates them and helps you to never run out or overorder. Best of all you get all of the savings and efficiency without time consuming inventory. 
2:12pmCalcivis – Calcivis has developed a completely novel imaging technology that enables clinicians to visualise active decay early, when it can be stopped and potentially reversed, so that patients can be treated before a cavity develops that requires drilling and filling.
2:24pmDentlyTec – Dentists know that imaging through blood and tissue accounts for almost 80% of impression errors. DentlyTec introduces the DigiCord® – a novel subgingival intraoral scanner, supporting numerous groundbreaking applications from improved crown preparation through surgical guides and 3D accurate periodontal chart generation. DigiCord’s first application revolutionizes crown preparation, by eliminating the need for time consuming and painful cord packing, providing a competitive edge to adopters and improving patient satisfaction.
2:36pmHysensBio – HysensBio is a bioventure developing peptide therapeutics for periodontitis and dental caries. Our peptide, Selcopintide, reactivates dormant cells to promote the growth of physiologic dentin and periodontal ligament ultimately helping people preserve their natural tooth as long as possible.

Day 1 Presentations Continued

TimeCompanyCompany description
3:15pmiDentical is a clinical-stage company that is disrupting the dental implant market with its drill-free, patient-specific dental implants. By using 3D technology and our patent pending approach, iDentical is able to 3D-print a patient-specific dental implant that can easily be placed by any dentist within less than seven days of an extraction. iDentical’s vision is to create a world in which every patient has access to drill-free, personalized dental implants.
3:27pmKeystone Bio – Keystone Bio has developed a novel therapeutic that shuts down a key driver of chronic inflammation, the root cause of many neurodegenerative and vascular diseases affecting hundreds of millions of people. Our lead monoclonal antibody has been shown to eradicate Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg), a highly prevalent and chronic bacterial infection in the mouth that releases toxins throughout the body, both triggering and driving disease progression. Our team of entrepreneurs and medical scientists, including the world’s experts in Pg, inflammatory diseases, Alzheimer’s, cardio-metabolic disease, and dentistry is working to stop disease at its source.
3:39pmLura Health has developed a first-in-class oral biosensor, enabling non-invasive salivary diagnostic health monitoring. Patients will check vital diagnostic information and receive real-time health alerts with preloaded medical interventions, while doctors will detect early signs of disease and monitor response to treatment. Lura Health’s non-invasive health monitoring system has the potential to improve clinical outcomes in chronic disease management.
3:51pmLumendo is developing a portfolio of innovative, light-active fillers and micro-surgical instruments. These can be used to treat and fill cavities inside the body – for example in dental or neurovascular applications. Our platform technology will enable clinicians to carry out complex procedures easier and faster for the best patient outcome. 

Moderator: Charles Bridges

Moderator: Stephanie Hsieh

TimeCompanyCompany description
4:03pmMouthWatch was founded in 2012 by CEO Brant Herman, and COO Bob Bellhouse, bringing high-quality, affordable intraoral cameras and novel teledentistry software to the market. In 2022, MouthWatch is launching a new company, Dentistry.One, to bring a virtual care and ai-powered dental first solution to the health and wellness sectors. MouthWatch is one of the fastest growing private companies, as recognized by INC 5000 in 2020 and 2021, and has won many best-in-class awards in the dental industry.
4:15pmMussel Polymers, Inc. (MPI) is a privately-owned materials technology start-up with laboratory operations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Our “mussel-inspired” biomimetic polymers enable us to create scalable wet adhesion products that can be used alone or in combination with other adhesives. MPI is now developing biomimetic adhesives and remineralization products for use in dentistry.
4:27pmPainTrek is a clinically validated and intuitive 3D body interface mobile application and API that can easily plugin into any eHealth web interface and dental/medical EHR. It allows clinicians, researchers, and patients to track, display, analyze, and report body pain and related symptoms from multiple regions, including head, face, and intraoral, in multivector-rotational 3D body and with zoom capabilities. The data from multiple regions and conditions can be aggregated at the individual patient level for personalized and integrated dental and medical care, as well as across diverse populations for global scale analytics (e.g., diverse gender and age groups). These AI capabilities include the development of disease classification, patient progress evaluation, and treatment efficacy and planning.
4:39pmRelu is a startup that sells AI technology to automate dental treatment planning to dental industry leaders worldwide. In 2020 a team of engineers, dentists, surgeons, and radiologists started building an AI that could automate treatment planning procedures based on 3D dental images. Two years later the technology matured, and we started selling to enterprises that are active in the fields of orthodontics, implantology and CMF. Today we count more than 10 enterprises that strengthened their solution with our AI. More information about our different technologies can be found on

Moderator: Bill Shaw

TimeCompanyCompany description
4:51pmRevBio was founded in 2014 to commercialize Tetranite®, a regenerative bone adhesive technology that is poised to transform bone repair. They have focused on advancing company operations, including the execution of several clinical studies in the dental field, and building the product pipeline as they raise additional rounds of investment capital. RevBio is a past winner of the Boeing/CASIS Award, which enabled the product to fly Tetranite to the International Space Station to evidence bone regeneration.
5:03pmSB3D designs, manufactures, and markets 3D vision systems that are high-quality, innovative, easy-to-use, and affordable. Our current product is a 4K digital stereoscopic microscope. We are targeting two large marketplaces: industrial microscopy and dental microscopy. We expect our first end-user sales in 4th quarter 2022.
5:15pmSleepArchitects is democratizing the access to diagnosis and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with the dental industry’s first easy, turnkey, digital experience. Automated text communication, engaging consumer health education videos, full-service MD-guided home sleep testing working collaboratively with highly-trained dentists are supported by SleepArchitects expert and device-agnostic platform.

Moderator: Jeremy Krell

TimeCompanyCompany description
5:27pmSmileFy is dedicated to delivering the most innovative technological solutions to make it easier, faster, and cost-efficient for every dental professional to deliver predictable treatment outcomes, based on a workflow involving digital smile design, treatment planning, and digital diagnostic. SmileFy’s AI technology and automation is designed to make digital workflows more intuitive for the practitioner. It combines extensive research into simple to-use tools that create an unparalleled experience in aesthetic/restorative treatment planning for the dentist and the patient.
5:39pmSynapse Dental LLC is a dental solution provider that is committed to making pain-free dentistry a reality for dental professionals and their patients. Its first solution in the market is the Dental Pain Eraser, which uses Advanced PulseWaveTM Neuromodulation to apply sub-sensory electric pulses to calm the nerves in the mouth and provide long-lasting pain prevention and relief. 
5:50pmUptimeHealth simplifies dental equipment maintenance, repair, and purchase events through automation and predictive analytics. The company provides a way for dental offices and DSO to roster their equipment, create and assign maintenance tasks for their staff, and dispatch their service technician with a click of a button when more support is needed. The data gathered within the system sends reports to leadership, including dashboards for compliance adherence and lists identifying problematic equipment that are ripe for replacement.

Day 2 Presentations

Moderator: Ashley Stevens

TimeCompanyCompany description
8:00amAugmedit is a Dutch startup that was founded through the collaboration between a neurosurgeon, an augmented reality specialist and a medical device entrepreneur on the belief that Augmented Reality will undeniably become an integral part of the surgical space.  
Augmedit develops intuitive Augmented Reality software for surgeons. The software converts 2D patient images from MR or CT scans into 3D images.
8:11amTruthbrush: Founded by Eric Huang, Candibell, Inc is a software/wearable company located in Lowell, MA that launched its flagship product, Truthbrush Connected Oral Care system, in 2021. Truthbrush is the world’s first multi-tenant, fully automatic and universal solution for seamless toothbrush tracking with embedded social networking for improved personal performance.  Truthbrush enables easy data sharing with providers and payers to create an oral care eco-system creating significant and meaningful behavior improvements.
8:22amEffex, Inc. is a SaaS solution built specifically to help dental practices manage all of their compliance and documentation workflows and requirements in one centralized location. Effex helps to create effectiveness and efficiency in compliance requirements and workflows while decreasing the number of hours employees must spend in manually documenting and updating compliance requirements. When dental practices invest in the Effex Compliance Management Platform they are investing in employee and patient safety and are creating better outcomes and process improvement across the organization.  
8:33amNangioTX is a seed stage biopharmaceutical company that has developed an angiogenic hydrogel that has demonstrated efficacy in a number of ischemic tissue diseases. Our primary indication is dental pulp regeneration using our platform patented, shelf-stable, proangiogenic, injectable gel. We aim to tap into the multi-billion dollar endodontic market subsequent to GLP/GMP preclinical studies and Phase I-III human trials.
8:44amOtis Dental is a subscription-based oral care company and resource for people seeking a better solution to their oral and mental health concerns. Founded by a registered dental hygienist who knows what it’s like to deal with the pain and loss of sleep from stress-induced Bruxism, he’s made it a mission to put the ‘care’ back in oral care – with an easy, accessible and effective solution that alleviates the condition in a more significant way.
8:55amPermetrics: For the first time in dentistry, machine learning, deep learning and finite element analysis is being used in order to identify damage and mobility types. Results are real-time and on screen, with an easy-to-read patient report to diagnose the probable cause of damage, empower the clinician to provide an appropriate treatment plan and eliminate the learning curve as results are calculated in real-time, on screen with an easy-to-read diagnostic patient report.
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