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Leading Oral Health Innovation Conference Announces Startup Competition Finalists

September 6, 2022

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Jill Sirko,

Cambridge, Mass. – The Forsyth Institute has announced the startup competition finalists for Forsyth dentech 2022, a leading oral health investment forum that will be held September 15-16, 2022. Now in its second year, Forsyth dentech brings together global leaders in venture capital, industry, and research to discuss the role of innovation in public oral health. It is the only conference where startups can pitch their ideas to all the players in the oral health innovation ecosystem at the same time.

“The $140 billion-dollar oral health space is often overlooked,” said Forsyth’s CEO, Dr. Wenyuan Shi. “Despite the huge medical importance and vast investment opportunities, big investment forums like the JP Morgan meetings or BIO conference don’t feature oral health companies. Dentech is working to address this imbalance, which is what makes this conference so unique and important. The advent of new technologies and the success of companies like Straumann or Align Technology show this is an untapped market primed for growth.”

Forsyth dentech 2022 received over 70 applications from startup companies hoping to capture the attention of investors like CareCapital, Prime Rock, and Revere Partners, who will attend the conference. Last year 8 of the 18 startups selected to compete during the event raised over $32 million collectively.

Given the volume of applications, the Forsyth dentech 2022 startup competition will feature an impressive lineup of 30 companies from all over the world. Their technologies range from new oral health products and dental materials to the use of artificial intelligence in designing treatment plans. Companies include Truthbrush and Mussel Polymers as well as European startups Relu and Augmedit. These companies are in various stages of the startup process.

In addition to the start-up competition, Forsyth dentech 2022 also features a CEO Panel with 8 senior executives from companies like Sherlock Biosciences, CareStream, Colgate, and Flare Capital. The second day closes with 4 special topic panel discussions from global leaders in oral health.

“The mouth is the gateway to the body. Yet, as important as oral health is for overall health, it is always overshadowed by medicine” Dr. Shi said. He sees the Forsyth Institute as the right leader to establish the ecosystem and overcome this challenge. In addition to developing an incubator in-house and creating Forsyth dentech, Forsyth is now working to establish an innovation VC Fund to promote oral health technology even further.

About Forsyth dentech
Forsyth dentech 2022 is the leading oral health technology innovation conference and is now in its second year following the successful inaugural event where more than 400 inventors, investors, and leaders from 28 countries convened to discuss the latest cutting-edge innovations and investment opportunities in oral health. This year, the conference will be held September 15-16 2022 at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Somerville, Mass. In-person and virtual registration is open for this hybrid event, with limited in-person capacity.   


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